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Monitoring that Matters

We offer monitoring and whole lot more.  Contact us for a list of services and prices.


Any format

We can monitor almost any format from any control.

Phones, cellular, network, 2-way radio

Digital dialers, cellular, networking, and AES two-way radio are all monitored here.

Video Monitoring

We can monitor Videofied as well as URL video links.

Plans and Pricing

With so many features and services, pricing monitoring is like purchasing a car.   The rates below are given as examples, but are negotiable.

Licensing and Permitting


Arkansas State Police
#1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 618-8600

License E-050


Oklahoma Department of Labor
3017 North Stiles, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-6100

License 0180





City of Albuquerque
Permit #662

Wichita Alarm Program
Permit: 2018-39159

Frequently Asked Questions

What panels/formats can you monitor over a phone line?

Most of our phone line (digital dialer) accounts communicate to a Sur Gard System III receiver.   It can accept most any communication format from any panel.  There may be an exception, but we haven’t found it it.

What IP receivers do you operate?

Sur Gard System III
AES Multi-Net Receiver (two-way radio to your IP-Links, then network to me)
Honeywell AlarmNet (can receive most any Honeywell IP account)
Bosch D6100
GE Sonicwall for Ultra-Sync systems
Napco Net-Link

Do you provide video verification?

Yes, for alarm verification.

We do NOT sit and watch your surveillance monitors.  We DO watch surveillance cameras once an alarm has been triggers.  We utilize RSI / Videofied and can enter a URL (web-site) into our automation to view cameras after an event.

Before installation a video verification system, we want you to be familiar with the following documents.


Do you provide the paperwork necessary to monitor an account?

Yes.   We offer a paper contract and a paperless contract (preferred) through this site.  We will also send you several files to help you get the necessary information from you client.

We strongly recommend Ken Kirschenbaum as an industry attorney and Consolidated Insurance for your general liability and errors and omissions.

As I grow and I renegotiate my contract price?

Of course.   As you grow and become more experienced, our cost of monitoring will decrease.

Can I come tour the central station?

We would be honored.

Contact Denise and schedule and appointment.

Contact us for a quote today.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.